Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tanda of the Week 50 / 2012 -
Enrique Rodriguez (instrumentals)


1. Enrique Rodríguez - "Zorro gris" 1946
2. Enrique Rodríguez - "La torcacita" 1940
3. Enrique Rodríguez - "Florida" 1941
4. Enrique Rodríguez - "El morochito" 1941

Enrique Rodriguez
This tanda is from one of the TOTW regular guest dj's Chris from UK.

"Tanda of The Week doesn't yet have a Rodríguez instrumental tango tanda, so I thought you might like to have this contribution from me. Beginner DJs, this is well worth a listen, next time you hear someone repeat the misguided rule that says a good tanda cannot include tracks recorded more than four years apart...

I played this last weekend on the closing night of Etonathon, at which milongueros and milongueras from all over the country gathered for a four-day festival of pure dancing - no classes or shows. The full list of the music I played can be seen here. Happy New Year!"

- DJ Chris

Below you have the tanda as a Spotify playlist as well as more versions of these same songs by other orchestras.

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