Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tanda of the Week 49 / 2012 -
Enrique Campos - valses

Enrique Campos.
S. f. (Foto: Museo y Centro de documentación AGADU)

1. Ricardo Tanturi / Enrique Campos - "Al pasar" 1943
2. Ricardo Tanturi / Enrique Campos - "Me besó y se fué" 1945
3. Francisco Rotundo / Enrique Campos / Floreal Ruíz - "El viejo vals" 1951

This weeks tanda of valses with the singer Enrique Campos comes from Dan Lester from Orlando, Florida USA. Thank you Dan!

Enrique Campos is best known as the other great singer from the Tanturi orchestra (besides Alberto Castillo) and he also sang for the Francisco Rotundo orchestra and later for the Roberto Caló orchestra who was the brother of Miguel Caló. "El viejo vals" is one of the most known songs from Francisco Rotundo and is often played in a vals tanda of mixed orchestras. Often with songs from 1950s that are duets like Biagi's "Adoracion" (1951) which is sung by Carlos Heredia and Hugo Duval. There's a version of "Al Pasar" also by Lucio Demare's orchestra and Raúl Berón.

If you rather would like to have the complete tanda with Tanturi and Campos then the last song it could be replaced with for example Tanturi/Campos/Videla - "Tu vieja ventana" from 1945.

Tanturi, Ricardo - TOTW - Todo Tangotango.info - TangoTunes - iTunes Store 
Campos, Enrique - TOTW - Todo Tango - tango.info - TangoTunes - iTunes Store 
Ruiz, Floreal - TOTW - Todo Tangotango.info - iTunes Store


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  1. I have to say I don't think El viejo vals 1951 is for dancing. Instead at that position I'd rather hear one of the many great dance valses by Tanturi with other singers.

    PS Antti, in case you're taking reader votes on the blog layout, my vote is for the one you had up until about a week ago.

    1. Hey Chris. I know the layout was pretty terrible. I just tested it out for a few days. I'm looking for a new one but I'll keep the good old one until I find something proper. Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi Antti. Love this tanda. Out of curiosity what is that cortina that sounds for about ten seconds at the very end? Do you know?

    1. The cortina is from my selection. Jukka Perko and Hurmio-orkesteri - "Tango desiree". Quality jazz from Finland.


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