Monday, June 4, 2012

Tanda of the Week 22 / 2012 -
Enrique Rodriguez

1. Enrique Rodriguez - Ricardo Herrera - "Historia de amor" 1946
2. Enrique Rodriguez - Oscar Galán - "Derrotado" 1956
3. Enrique Rodriguez - Armando Moreno - "Si un amor paso" 1958
4. Enrique Rodriguez - Oscar Galán - "Adios, Adios amor" 1956

This weeks guest dj is again Bärbel Rücker and her tanda is some more unknown tracks from Rodriguez. This is what she had to say about the tanda: 

"I recently played this tanda at the Copenhagen Tango Festival 2012 at the Saturday Afternoon Milonga and it got positive feedback. I specially like the energy and darkness in it. It's a quite unusual Rodriguez tanda with two songs that are more well-known by Varela and Di Sarli."

Rodriguez, Enrique - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store 
Rücker, Bärbel - Denmark - - TOTW 

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  1. I still like my Rodriguez tanda.

    Meanwhile I have moved and I am now based in the UK. I changed my website too and can now be found under