Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tanda of the Week 14 / 2012 -
Alberto Marino

1. Alberto Marino / Aníbal Troilo - "Tal vez será su voz" 1943
2. Alberto Marino / Aníbal Troilo - "Tedio" 1945
3. Alberto Marino / Su orquesta típica  - "Nací en Pompeya" 1949
4. Alberto MarinoHéctor María Artola - "Duelo criollo" 1949

Greetings from Buenos Aires. I've had an amazing trip so far filled with numerous milongas, visiting Buenos Aires Tango Club, meeting up with Ignacio Varchausky at Tango Via and hearing some of the true masterpieces of tango from their collection of impossible to find music... and also seeing Alberto Podestá performing live in Salon Canning [video / photo]. I've played in one milonga so far and this weeks friday I will play at the La Baldosa.

I wanted to do another Podestá tanda in his honor but there have already been plenty of Podestá (with Laurenz, Di Sarli and Caló) on the blog so I'd like to present the TOTW's first tanda of another great singer, Alberto Marino (26.4.1923 – 21.6.1989).

"The bandoneonist Aníbal Troilo heard him sing and suggested the latter to join the former's outfit. Marino had already made an agreement to join the orchestra of Rodolfo Biagi, but accepted Troilo's suggestion, and worked with him from 1943 until 1947.
For many people it was the singer's best time, his renditions of the tangos "Tres amigos", "Fuimos" and "Tal vez será su voz" are authentic jewels, among many others, of his contribution to the history of tango. 

After that successful stage he decided to start his career as soloist. His first orchestra was conducted by the violinist Emilio Balcarce,the same one with whom he had begun in 1939. Later the bandoneonist Enrique Alessio took over the leadership of his orchestra and some time later he is replaced by the Uruguayan musician, Héctor María Artola.

He admired Gardel and Charlo, but when he was asked about who influenced on his expression and phrasing, he invariably answered: Antonio Rodríguez Lesende. A singer hardly known, whose recordings are very hard to find and that are around sixteen renditions. [edit: listen to Di Sarli/Lesende "Milonga de Centenario" and you can hear the similarities in their singing styles]"

- by Ricardo García Blaya, Todo Tango

Unfortunately all of these songs are not available on Spotify yet. 

Troilo, Anibal - TOTW - Todo - TangoTunes - iTunes Store
Marino, Alberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

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