Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tanda of the Week 03 / 2012 -
Francisco Canaro con Roberto Maida

1. Francisco Canaro / Roberto Maida - "Invierno" 1937
2. Francisco Canaro / Roberto Maida - "Recuerdos de París" 1937
3. Francisco Canaro / Roberto Maida - "Condena // S.O.S." 1937
4. Francisco Canaro / Roberto Maida - "Paciencia" 1938 weeks tanda is from DJ Arina Grigorieva from Moscow. She runs a small club El Tango de Plata ( and small milonga in Moscow with her parents. Thank you Arina! Invierno is like the second coming of "Poema" and definitely one of the finest from Canaro. Unfortunately "Invierno" is not abailable on either Spotify or Deezer and I could only find the instrumental version of "Condena (S.O.S.). Also Deezer only had the Rafael Canaro version of "Paciencia" with the singer Luis Scalon.

"The association with [Roberto Maida and] Canaro began in November 1934 but only on March 20, 1935 they recorded again: "Alma de bandoneón", "No hay que hacerse mala sangre", "Cambalache" and the ranchera "Viva el casorio".
The agreement was made verbally and was to last six years, but they only worked together for five years because the singer split with Canaro when the latter hired Ernesto Famá and Francisco Amor. It was a true problem of professional jealousy. Roberto Maida recorded with Canaro around 200 tracks."

- Excerpted from "Cuadernos de difusión del Tango", Nº 9, directed an published by Salvador Arancio.

- By Salvador Arancio, Todo Tango

Canaro, Francisco - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store
Maida, Roberto - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

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