Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tanda of the Week 01 / 2012 -
Florindo Sassone

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1. Florindo Sassone - "Bahia blanca"
2. Florindo Sassone - "La viruta"*
3. Florindo Sassone - "La trilla" 1951
4. Florindo Sassone - "A la gran muñeca"

* "Bar expocision" on Spotify due to "La viruta" being unavailable.

This weeks tanda is from Florindo Sassone. My collection of Sassone is rather limited but I sometimes like to play this tanda and I think Sassone has great arrangements and a style that is very suitable for dancing.

"Little by little he was shaping a style of his own, a rare blend of Osvaldo Fresedo's and Carlos Di Sarli's, but he achieved something which had nothing of the two of them but it was all Florindo Sassone's. It is notable how an artist can be influenced by other artists and in spite of that being able to reach a personality absolutely his own.

He cultivated an authentic kind of tango with a strong preference for the purity and clarity of the melodic line, framed within the attractive elements of a lucid play of sound resources, always pleasant and with a carefully polished design. Frequently we can discover some additions of embellished overtones, modernly interspersed, somewhat alien to the orthodox traditional structure of tango orchestras.

He was not fond of showcasing the soloists, but he stressed the varied gamut of effects and nuances by the different instrumental sections of the group."

- By Jorge Palacio (Faruk)
on Todo Tango

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  1. Formidable orquesta, unas interpretaciones tersas, sin excesos. Muy buena selección de un excelente intérprete.