Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tanda of the Week 40 / 2011 -
Francisco Lomuto con Charlo

1. Francisco Lomuto - "Guapito" 1928
2. Francisco Lomuto / Charlo - "Misa de Once" 1929
3. Francisco Lomuto / Charlo - "San Telmo" 1932
4. Francisco Lomuto / Charlo - "Dónde estás, corazón?" 1928 like some of the 20's recordings from Lomuto and these tangos with the great Charlo are some of my favorites. You don't hear much of Charlo in the milongas I guess mostly since on a lot of the recordings he played a bigger part than the orchestra which makes the songs not so suitable for dancing. However he did recordings with the likes of Lomuto, Carabelli and Canaro and left us many great and very danceable tangos.

"Charlo is, after Carlos Gardel, the most important singer in tango, although, unlike him he did not become a popular myth. He was the vocalist who recorded most, in a discographic career started in 1925 and ended in 1967. However, the main part of his recordings are concentrated in only four years, from 1928 to 1931. In most of those renditions he reaches a level comparable to Gardel's. Like him, he was responsible for establishing an emotional style though austere and without exaggerations, of perfect intonation and attentive musicianship. As composer he displayed his great melodic talent, giving birth to important pieces in tango romanza style."

- Julio Nudler on Todo Tango

Lomuto, Francisco - TOTW - Todo - iTunes Store
Charlo - TOTW - Todo Tango - - iTunes Store

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  1. Great tanda! If someone's looking to fill out the tanda with Charlo, I find that "Donde esta corazon" (1929) fits nicely in the second slot, moving "Misa de Once" to the opening track. Enjoy!