Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tanda of the Week 29 / 2011 -
Milonga - OTV, Donato & D'Arienzo

1. Orquesta Tipica Victor / Carlos Lafuente - "Cacareando" 1933
2. Edgardo Donato - "El lengue" 1940
3. Juan D'arienzo - "Corrales viejo" 1943

I used to prepare my sets before the milonga as much as possible but these days I go into a milonga with a long list of music I'd like to play and end up playing only half of it. The list includes tandas that I've played before, tandas that I've prepared specially for the milonga and also some individual songs that I use for a base of brand new tandas created during the milonga (this tanda is one of these).

Last saturday I played at the Annual Tango Summer Camp milonga in Tampere, Finland, and felt like playing "Cacareando" but mix it with something similar from other orchestras. Donato was a natural choice to follow the opening track and D'Arienzo followed Donato nicely especially when Donato has a version of "Corrales viejo" also. And it worked well. I hope you like this tanda.

And a shout out and a big thank you to the amazing Orquesta Soledad who played at the milonga.

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