Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tanda of the Week 24 / 2011 -
Alfredo De Angelis (vals)

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1. Alfredo De Angelis / Carlos Dante & Julio Martel - "Soñar y nada más" 1944
2. Alfredo De Angelis / Carlos Dante - "El vals de nochebuena" 1944
3. Alfredo De Angelis - "Imaginacíon" 1950

Julio Martel, Carlos Dante & Alfredo De Angelis
Here's the new tanda of this week and some ramblings about the creative process behind it.

This is a brand new tanda that I created because I wanted to play the last song "Imaginacion". It's a great song but I didn't have the other two good instrumental valses from De Angelis which would work with the song and be enough to create a great tanda. So I spent a good amount of time on going through all the great vocal valses and trying to find the ones that had some of the same qualities as "Imaginacion". I tried to fit "Mi cariñito" in the tanda as it has a very similar sound but it's not one of my personal favorites and having those two following each other makes the tanda feel a bit... "heavy" in lack of a better word. Usually when I create a tanda I'm thinking of the whole soundscape like I was creating a movie soundtrack and all the songs should flow together perfectly while maybe going through a few variations on the mood and leaving the dancers fresh and energized. So I went with "Soñar y nada más" and "El vals de nochebuena" as they both have a beautiful mix of melancholy and something cheerful as well and they set the mood right. By the last track the dance floor should be on fire. Enjoy!

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  1. Antti,
    Thank you for all you hard work and determination to maintain this site. I have been collecting argentine tango for well over ten years and had no ideas how to shape a tanda for play, your lists have helped me understand the process. I for one REALLY appreciate your thoughts in the crafting of the tanda's moods. I have been able to recreate all of your posted tandas from my collection so far; thank you for helping me.

    Dj Gregorio
    NYC, USA