Friday, May 6, 2011

Tanda of the Week 19 / 2011 -
Julio De Caro


1. Julio De Caro - "Amarguras" 1928
2. Julio De Caro - "Mal de amores" 1928
3. Julio De Caro - "Farolito de mi barrio" 1926
4. Julio De Caro - "Recuerdo" 1926

A melancholic instrumental tanda from Julio De Caro from the 1920's including the first recorded version of "Recuerdo" and the amazing "Amarguras", composed by Pedro Maffia, which was later renamed to "Abandono" when Homero Manzi added lyrics to it.

"De Caro maintained the essence of the tango originated in the slums, brave and playful as in the beginnings, but blending it with a sentimental and melancholic expressivity unknown up to then..." -

Julio De Caro -
Recuerdo -

2 kommenttia:

  1. Hi Antti,
    Thanks for this nice and helpful blog. I've learnt a lot from you about how to combine musics together in a tanda as a newbie. I wonder the name and the singer of the cortina. That is a nice song.

    Yassy from Turkey.

    1. Hi Yassy. Thank you for your comment! The cortina is from Laila Kinnunen and the song is "Kellä kulta sillä onni" from 1959. You can find it on YouTube and the iTunes store.