Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tanda of the Week 15 / 2011 - Rodolfo Biagi (milonga)


1. Rodolfo Biagi / Teofilo Ibañez - "Campo afuera" 1939 - TangoTunes
2. Rodolfo Biagi - "Picante" 1941 - TangoTunes
3. Rodolfo Biagi / Carlos Saavedra - "Por la güella" 1948 - TangoTunes

I was talking to a dancer at a milonga and she was complaining that the dj was always playing the same milongas. I tried to explain her why this might be the case. First, there are this many recorded tangos (a huuuge hand sign), this little valses (clearly a lot smaller hand sign) and only this few milongas (a very very small hand sign) meaning that there's a lot more selection of tangos and valses to choose from. Second, a lot of milongas are not very danceable so this cuts down the amount of milongas to choose from even more. Then there's also the matter of the tempo of the songs and a lot of milongas are very fast so in order to have variation in the tempos the dj's might play the few slower ones they have quite often (for example some of Canaro and Donato). So it's a greater challenge for the dj to be original when selecting the milonga tandas but there are still enough options when choosing from different orchestras, tempos, styles, vocal songs or instrumentals. When putting in enough work and consideration the dj can still sound fresh but it's obvious that some of the same milongas get played a lot.

Back to the tanda of this week... It was time for more Rodolfo Biagi and as I try to follow the TTV-TTM order also in my blog I had to come up with a milonga tanda. I have all the seven milongas from Biagi listed on www.tango.info and out of these I can or like to play only four. There might be more milongas from Biagi out there but I don't have them. So if you've heard this tanda before now you know why.

Biagi, Rodolfo - TOTW - Todo Tango - tango.info - TangoTunes

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  1. You chose not to include the best one? Flor de Montserrat...