Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tanda of the Week 13 / 2011 -
Edgardo Donato


1. Edgardo Donato - "El Acomodo" 1933
2. Edgardo Donato / Horacio Lagos - "Hay que acomodarse" 1935
3. Edgardo Donato / Felix Gutierrez - "Qué hacés, qué hacés!" 1933
4. Edgardo Donato / Felix Gutierrez - "El huracan" 1932

This tanda is inspired by a true story! After reading one book about tango (I will add it here once I remember the name of it) that talked a lot about different expectations we have for our dance partners and the role they play in your perfect milonga, me and my dance partner have been joking about how "a true milonga man" takes care of business. He has the right persona and character, knows the songs by heart, has a perfect embrace, will not let any boleos hit his partner, captures the moment and makes it perfect and memorable, jumps off a cliff and fights a dozen ninjas to have that dance with you and so on and so on. Almost a mythological creature he is.

Anyway... I'm in St. Petersburg dancing to a Donato tanda with a beautiful partner and the last song is "El huracan" (The hurricane) which I love. It was quite hot at the milonga and I had personally turned on the fan in the corner earlier. And when we dance and end up in that corner close to the end of the song I stay there and start doing giros to have her long dark hair blow on my face repeatedly as the hurricane sounds hit in the song. I love the moment and laugh and explain to her the name of the song after we let go of the embrace. She laughs and smiles to the milonga man. I'm on fire. Bring on the ninjas, I got this.

Donato and the hurricane. Enjoy!

Ps. For the Spotify tanda I had to change the first song "El acomodo" to "La tablada" since the correct version wasn't available. The tanda works well this way too.

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  1. Nice! PS Track #2's correct title is "Hay que acomodarse".

  2. The singer in tracks #2 and 3 is Felix Gutierrez. Great tanda!